Babolat Backpack 2

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The new BACKRACK 2, made specifically for badminton players, is the ideal backpack for holding your x4 racquets and badminton equipment. You can fit your items into the three distinct compartments (shoes, clothes, and racquet) of the backpack. It is very simple to use and may be used as a tour bag or an everyday carry bag. Visibility and security will be provided by a large, reflective BABOLAT logo printed on the back of the backrack 2. Additionally, in an effort to improve things even further, this bag incorporates our brand-new "colour free" lining, which is dye-free and composed entirely of recycled PET, saving us water from needlessly colouring our lining. Your bag's interior is all white, which makes it more simpler.

  • 4 Racquets
  • Shoes Compartment: Yes
  • Colour: Blue/White/Red