Donic Schildkrot Waldner 1000 Fl Racket

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Perfect for a top player or beginner for everybody the game will be more enjoyable with bats using good rubber, sponge, and wood. The better the material the faster the game will improve. Level 1000 bat for the sophisticated play of all techniques with spin and high speed. Type of player: Attack.

  • Classification: Speed and Spin
  • Handle: Concave
  • Rubber: Easy Slick
  • Wood: Competition (5C)
  • Control: 70
  • Speed: 90
  • Spin: 100
  • Sponge: Schwamm 2,1 mm
  • Material: 20% Carbon

       The ABP allows an individual adjustment of the balance point of the bat to suit individual styles of play. Head balanced: weight distribution towards the head of the bat offering more striking power for an offensive style of play. Handle balanced: weight is distributed closer to the handle of the bat allowing more accurate shots and ball slicing for a controlled style of play.

  The Ergo handle fits anatomically perfect to the hand, handle and bat feel to be one! The rounded shape of the Ergo part avoids pressure in the hand and provides a particularly comfortable and pleasant handle feel.