Dunlop FX 500 Lite

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Get speed and power in a lightweight package

Combine speed, power and comfort with added control to really refine your game. The versatility of the FX 500 Lite means every part of your game gets a boost. Ideal for intermediate through to advanced players.

Play with increased power, a larger sweet spot & more comfort.

Balance power and comfort with a new grommet structure. Play in comfort with a new precision groove engineered into the racket frame under the grommet strip. Enlarge the sweet spot thanks to a new grommet structure that increases string movement. Hit with more power and more comfort.

Increased power and stability

Aerodynamic Powerhead shape Sharp, modern-looking shaft Wider Throat for more stability

Increased touch and feel

New Material developed by KURARAYPLASTICS CO. LTD Unique high-performance thermoplastic elastomer compound High elasticity & vibration damping properties

Play harder, cleaner shots, with increased comfort

This superelastic material dampens impact shock and reduces frame vibrations by up to 37%, resulting in a more comfortable hitting sensation and a reduced chance of injury.

Better control, more power, and more spin.

Power Grid String Tech creates a 30% larger sweet spot, evenly distributing power across the string bed, allowing modern-day players to hit the ball towards the top of the racket.

  • Head Size: 100 sq. in. / 645cm.
  • Weight: 9.5 oz/ 270 g
  • Length: 27 in / 685 cm
  • Balance: 330 mm /4pts HL
  • Stiffness: 71 RA
  • Swing: 280 
  • Beam: 23 / 26 /23 mm
  • Composition: Graphite
  • String Pattern: 16x19 
  • Grip: 1-4