Franklin Pickleball X-26 Indoor Ball

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The USAPA-approved X-26 Indoor balls are one of the most advanced pickleball balls ever made. Our X-26 pickleball is made with only the best EVA material and includes 26 perfectly beveled holes to assist give a superior flight pattern and balance. The X-26 is designed to survive hours on the court and provides constant bounce, durability, and playability for a fun day on the court.

  • Size and Weight: 26-gram weight; 74mm diameter
  • Balanced flight pattern due to 26 precisely beveled holes
  • USAPA approved for indoor tournament pickleball play
  • EVA construction ensures superb flight pattern and superior balance

Note: Please be aware that these-these balls cannot be returned or exchanged once used, the manufacturer will not guarantee the balls or send replacements for cracked or broken balls.