Lotto Men's Viper Ultra IV SPD Shoes

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Product Details

For tennis athletes looking for the delicate balance between flexibility, stability, and lightweight, the new FW18 VIPER ULTRA is an attractive choice. The exclusive K-PU net supports fast, twitch-like movement, and upward stability during players’ multi-directional bursts of motion, and long-lasting durability (RFC® together with LL40® outsole high-quality rubber), serve after serve after serve. The VIPER ULTRA outsole ensures stability (FAS®), cushioning (Enerturn®) and the correct foot positioning.
  • Composition: K-Polyurethane and Nylon upper.
  • Sole: SPEED for Hard Courts. Anti-abrasion compound outsole with differentiated grip herringbone pattern: it ensures the best grip on fast superfaces.
  • Model: T6415
  • Year: 2018
  • Colour: Red SPN / White